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We are so excited to be launching our 8 week 360 program!
This is 8 weeks of weight loss while building your personal tool box for a lifestyle turn around! "I'm ready for a 360! Are you?"
Registration deadline is approaching! First session is Monday May 8th at 10 a.m.  Sessions are lead by our wonderful Dani, which include weigh in, education, support, motivation and fitness. She will be your personal health coach. See weekly health topics below. This is 8 weeks to do a complete turn around! Designed for the person who is ready for a lifestyle change and want to prioritize their health and wellness.
This requires a one hour commitment every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10 a.m.
Only 10 slots are available for this time. (Call to inquire about our afternoon session if 10 a.m doesn't fit your current schedule.) Weekly weigh ins with Dani are included plus each session will be made up of "stretch while discuss" plus a workout either in the gym or in the swim spa. You will belong to a private 360 group on FB where you will get daily pointers, support and motivation.
What: The 8 week 360 program for a healthier you! 
Where: 23 Parkcliff Drive, Holiday Island,  AR 72631
Phone: 479-363-6422 press option 1 and speak with Kim to register by phone.
Deadline to get registered is Friday May 5th.
Details: the 8 week 360 personal transformation will begin on Monday May 8th at 10 a.m. 
The 360 group will meet every Monday,  Wednesday and Friday for the next 8 weeks at 10 a.m. 
Each session is made up of a workout taught by Physical Therapy Assistant and Therapeutic Medical Yoga specialist Dani and will be in the fitness center or the swim spa, depending on the day of the week. 
Each week has a specific topic to assist with weight loss, wellness and overall health. 
Weekly Topics ($45 per week):
Week one importance of ACCOUNTABILITY (exchange contact info, build workout buddies, using social media to stay connected to your support system. Practice journaling /logging to track and analyze your success as well as your failures.)
Week two
Importance of FLEXIBILITY
(Providing medical studies and materials related to joint health and the importance of stretching especially as we age while practicing a realistic whole body stretch program that doesn't take ALL DAY!)
Week three
Importance of HYDRATION (Providing materials related to the correlation of weight loss with increased water intake and discussing ways to boost your overall hydration.)
Week four
Exploring NUTRITION (Providing materials related  to our changing diet and the importance of understanding the UPSIDE DOWN FOOD PYRAMID APPROACH TO WEIGHT LOSS AND HEALTH. Explaining our current food pyramid is backward and is changing in the medical and fitness world.)
Week five
SELF NURTURE/ RELAXATION (Introducing ideas and practicing ways to use technology or our surroundings to experience life balance and gratitude.)
Week six
(Determine your daily step requirement and practical aerobic exercise methods for a lifetime of healthy living.)
Week seven
(How to advance or increase weights safely and successfully in your workout as your body tolerates.)
Week eight
Thank yourself now for the changes you have made for the future you!
8 weeks x $45 =$360 (your future self will thank you!)